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CreativeMarket - The Illustrator Brushes Mega-Bundle!

CreativeMarket - The Illustrator Brushes Mega-Bundle!
Vector Brushes EPS, AI | 512 MB

Own one of the most comprehensive sets of Illustrator brushes on the market for an amazingly low price! Every brush from my portfolio is included (up to the date - 04/07/2015). That's 486 brushes!

Here's what's included -

Vintage Pen and Ink Brushes - http://crtv.mk/trNt

The Vector Airbrush + Bonus Patterns - http://crtv.mk/pvkK

Pencil Brushes - http://crtv.mk/twgQ

Outline Brushes - http://crtv.mk/sxMr

Linocut Brushes - http://crtv.mk/adZ4

Hand-painted Art Brushes - http://crtv.mk/geUm

Batik Brushes - http://crtv.mk/fn1e

Chalk Texture Brushes - http://crtv.mk/bmUw

Antique Print Effect Brushes - http://crtv.mk/tSkj

Ink Sketch Brushes - http://crtv.mk/cUj6

Hatch and Cross-Hatch Brushes - http://crtv.mk/jVIp

Marker Pen Brushes - http://crtv.mk/bPmj

Vector Subtle Grunge Brushes - http://crtv.mk/jnvp

Vector Crack Brushes - http://crtv.mk/enBm

Vector Scratch Brushes - http://crtv.mk/jnvG

Rope Brushes - http://crtv.mk/jquo

Chain Brushes - http://crtv.mk/jzwE

Zipper Brushes -http://crtv.mk/hqhH

Check out the individual product links for more information.