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CreativeMarket - DIY Flyer Texture Pack

CreativeMarket - DIY Flyer Texture Pack
Vector EPS | 6800x8800 | JPG Image | CS+ | 324 MB

This pack of 12 authentic distressed paper textures gives your work some of the magic of DIY show flyers and zines. These grungy textures have been scattered on the concrete floors of rock clubs, folded up, and shoved in the pocket of that jean jacket your mom washed without asking.

Crank up the levels on these bad boys and get as gritty as you want, or adjust to make it subtle enough to go on a flyer for a Christmas bake sale.

Here's what you get:

12 Jpeg files sized 8.5 x 11 at 800dpi
12 EPS vector files

Images are sized at 6800x8800, so they're large enough for poster work. Vectorized versions look great and can be scaled to any size!


Adjust the levels to get grungier or more subtle effects, the freedom is yours!
Experiment with different blending modes (screen, overlay, multiply) and opacity. You can also invert a texture to get different results.
You can scale them large enough to just use parts of the texture in your work