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CreativeMarket - SpaceRanger Brush Kit & Tutorials

CreativeMarket - SpaceRanger Brush Kit & Tutorials
Photoshop TPL | CS4+ | 18 MB

Create authentic mid-century inspired illustrations (and more) using this set of professional-grade Photoshop brushes and tutorial 3-pack by Brad Woodard of Brave the Woods

If you're an illustrator I'm willing to bet you love illustration work from the '50s and '60s.

There's something about that old school creative process. Sketching with real pencils, building up dry brush work, using masking fluid to protect ares, and adding text by taping on real printed text.

It added soul and character to the work.

But technology has made it REALLY hard to bring hand crafted elements into your illustrations.

Programs like Photoshop and Illustrator save us a ton of time. But they also make it REALLY hard to capture the look of hand drawn illustrations.

Now, in order to achieve those effects you need to hack together a bunch of different tools. Scan work in, vectorize it in Illustrator with the pen tool, bring it into Photoshop.

Then hopefully if you've found some good tricks in Photoshop tutorials online (and some decent brushes) you can pull it off.

Want to see a video demo? Watch it here: http://bit.ly/SpaceRanger-Demo