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Los Jaivas - Los Jaivas
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Label: Plaza Independencia Música/PIVN 000135 | Release: 1972 | This Issue: 2014 | Genre: Progressive-Folk

A1 Todos Juntos
A2 Mira Niñita
A3 Marcha Al Interior Del Espíritu
A4 En La Quebrá Del Ají

B1 Pasillo Del Cóndor
B2 Los Caminos Que Se Abren
B3 Ciclo Vital

Line-up / Musicians
- Gato Alquinta / vocals, electric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, "charango", flute, "tarka y tumbadoras"
- Mario Mutis / bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, "tarka", "tambores" and voices
- Gabriel Parra / drums, percussion, voices
- Claudio Parra / piano, celesta, ''rasca de metal'', maracas, triangle, backing vocals
- Eduardo Parra / organ, and piano, bongo, ''pandereta'', ''tumbadoras'', ''cultrum'', backing vocals
Guest musicians:
- Patricio Castillo / charango (2, 3, 5), acoustic guitar (3), ''guitarrón'' (7);
- Julio Numhauser, Tito Ibarra / vocals (6)
- Eduardo Sienkewic, Augusto Hemándes / cellos (4)
- Iván Cazabón / contrabass (4)
- Oscar Sandoval, Sofia González, Victor Schiegel / violas (4)
- José Ramirez / violin (4)
- Ramón Silva, Gilberto Silva / trumpets (4)
- Alfredo Jarpa / tarka (4)
- Niňo y Patria Choir directed by Jorge Reese / vocals (1)
Companies etc
Record Company – Industria De Radio y Televisión, S.A.
Music By, Words By – Los Jaivas
Barcode and Other Identifiers
Barcode: 8 40705 10135 6

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Cartridge: SHURE M97xE With JICO SAS Stylus (New!)
Amplifier: Sansui 9090DB
ADC: E-MU 0404
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Vinyl Condition: M
This LP: With the generous contribution of an anonymous member.
LP Rip & Full Scan LP Cover: Fran Solo

In terms of prog-rock sophistication, this wonderful 1972 album is not the best place to start investigating Los Jaivas, but it is the most important album of Los Jaivas' earliest and folkiest phase. Here we see the early fusion of psychedelic rock with bona fide Andean music. While some songs are merely good, and others intriguing, it is the brilliant title track that happens to be my all time favourite Spanish language song.* I can't tell you the emotions that run through me as I hear Gato Alquinta intonate the opening words of this majestic call for peace and unity, this song gets me right the way through to the passionate conclusion … "Para qué vivir tan separados, si la tierra nos quiere juntar, si este mundo es uno y para todos, todos juntos vamos a vivir" which doesn't translate quite as poetically (roughly "Why do we live so far apart, if the world wants to unite us, if this world is one and for all for us, we will all live together). To me it is breath-taking … and heart-breaking. Musically the Todos Juntos track is a pleasing, albeit pretty basic fusion of quena, ocarina and charango (Andean flutes and mandolin respectively), fiery acidic lead guitar and Latin percussion, but lyrically, melodically, spirtually, this track is an unforgetable anthem.

The song itself is the greatest highlight of an engaging albeit simplistic album. The opening song is a hymnal chant of peace, Mira Niñita is a delicate sweet tune that takes its out sweet time to evolve beyond its languid, marimba-dominated opening into a joyous celebration.

Another thing that defines this album are the extravagant percussion interludes (bombo, bongo, you name it, they play it!). Los Caminos Que Se Abren is probably the most interesting track from a progressive point of view (probably the best realisation of the sort of improvisational psychedelic music that the band played on its debut … the limited edition En Volantin ) and it too is full of traditional percussion as well as hypnotic Eastern sounding themes, vibrant violin and out of tune psych guitar … although it definitely goes on too long. The urgent call that is La Quebra Del Aji contains many of the same ingredients but is better-paced.

There are a few different versions of this album (which I believe was initially released as La Ventana and retitled when Todos Juntos became a hit) and unfortunately mine omits Ciclo Vital … do get the full one if you can! I must repeat my earlier statement that this album is not about progressive sophistication … that will come later with Cancion Del Sur, Alturas De Machu Picchu and Obras De Violeta Parra. This album has immense passion, an almost fiery hope and in retrospect, a sense of historical importance (that goes way beyond music) that makes it an esssential purchase in my opinion. … 70% on the MPV scale.

*Some CD releases come as "Todos Juntos" by title.
Review by Trotsky, progarchives.com

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