SonicSisters - Electric Pudel (2015)

SonicSisters - Electric Pudel (2015)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | Tracks: 11 | 78:44 min | 180 Mb
Style: Nu-Jazz | Label: Hit The Grand

SonicSisters is the band of Andreas Günther, the German sax player that has been seen with Chekov and other jazz cats around town. The band is formed by local cats of Shanghai’s jazz scene, Alec Haavik, Toby Mak, Atze Ton, and Jalill Auckbaraullee. And today they are oficially releasing their debut album Electric Pudel with a concert at On Stage, and a second show next Monday 17th at JZ Club.

Electric Pudel contains nine songs composed by Günther. The album was recorded at Studio 72 and mixed by Ryan Baird.

“Let Me Brush Your Wig” is the third track of the album, it’s a chilled jazz tune, kind of groovy, kind of funny, kind of retro. For a better listening go tonight to On Stage and next Monday to JZ Club, there you can also get their album.


01. Intro
02. 5 Spice Rhythm
03. Let Me Brush Your Wig
04. Sonic Dolphin
05. Le Petit Ane
06. Calamansi Girl
07. Carpet Traveller
08. Stoff Affair
09. At the Grey Sea
10. Kreisel (Bonus Track)
11. Das elfte Rad am Wagen (Bonus Track)