Saï Dew - Polar Exodus (2015)

Saï Dew - Polar Exodus (2015)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | Tracks: 7 | 50:54 min | 117 Mb
Style: Nu-Jazz, Electronic, Downtempo | Label: Zimbalam

Sai Dew is a young band combining electronic and instrumental music. The trio are childhood friends originally from Lyon, who decided to move to Brussels in the beginning of 2013 to absorb the vibes of the city as inspiration for their new project.

Using a combination of machines, keys, trumpet, clarinet, sax, cello and other instruments, Saï Dew convincingly create a dense electro / trip hop / downtempo sound, with an overall blanket of jazz colouration, which is sometimes enriched with influences of Hip-Hop, Funk and Drum & Bass.

Put simply, it glides and it grooves; this is an eclectic up and coming band trying to get to your ears to share there passion and vision of music.


1. Orages Ordinaires
2. Wandering
3. Jakulsarlan
4. Deaf By Silence
5. Beyond the Bounds (I)
6. Polar Exodus (II)
7. Whispers (feat. Low Glide - III)