The Human League - Romantic? (1990)

The Human League - Romantic? (1990)
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Romantic? is the sixth studio album by the English synthpop band The Human League. It was issued by Virgin Records in 1990 and was the band's first album of new material in four years. Romantic? had several producers, most notably Martin Rushent, who worked with the Human League on their biggest commercial success (1981's Dare) and had walked out of the recording sessions for its 1984 follow-up (Hysteria). Also producing several tracks is Mark Brydon, who would found Moloko several years later.

This review is for those of you curious about "Romantic?" but who aren't sure if you should get it. GET IT. I am a huge Human League fan, and for the life of me, I can not figure out why so many people are indifferent to or do not like Romantic?. In my opinion, it is their best CD, and I listen to it more than any other piece of music they have done.

The CD also marks the (brief) return of Jo Callis, one of the band's main songwriters until his departure after "Crash," and whose musical contributions to the band (according to Phil Oakey) were notable and memorable. Callis co-wrote "Heart Like A Wheel" and "Get It Right This Time," and one of these is A+ material (see below).

Romantic? only gets stronger as it goes on, with only two tracks that can be properly classified as "filler." The CD opens with "Kiss The Future," an in-your-face dance track that is beyond catchy, and then segues into "A Doorway," sung by Suzanne Sulley, which is also excellent. I've never been a big fan of "Heart Like A Wheel," although I know that it is a favorite song for many. "Men Are Dreamers" is pleasant filler, with some fabulously out-of-tune singing by Phil and the girls, but it's not A-level material. And then we come to "Mr. Moon and Mr. Sun," which is one of the best songs the Human League has ever done. Hugely catchy and irresistably dance-able, it is an unqualified success in every way.

If I had to pick the three greatest songs that the Human League have ever written, they would be (in no particular order): "Fascination," "The Lebanon," and "Soundtrack To A Generation," which is the very next track on Romantic?. Seriously, the League has outdone themselves with this great, great song. It is insanely catchy with very pointed lyrics--The Human League at their arty, dance-able best. You could (and should) purchase Romantic? just to get "Soundtrack To A Generation" alone, and it would be worth whatever you paid for the CD.

More A-level music is to come, however, with the excellent "Rebound" and the even better "The Stars Are Going Out." Interestingly, "The Stars Are Going Out" didn't make a strong impression on me for the longest time, and then one day, I just connected with it in a major way, and ever since have always regarded it as one of the stronger tracks on an exceptionally strong CD. "Let's Get Together Again" is a B-level track, but it does smile at you in its own way.

And then the finish: "Get It Right This Time." This song could be a first-cousin to "Fascination," and what they share in common is that they were both co-written by Jo Callis. It has a bouncy, charming quality to it, and the song both blooms and smiles at you in every way. It's a great finish to a very strong CD.

I'm not sure why many hardcore Human League fans are less embracing of Romantic? than some of the rest of us are, but regardless, I REALLY enjoy this CD, and since it has came out, I've never gone more than six months without listening to it again. I certainly like most of what The Human League has done, and was thrilled to have new music from them recently in the form of "Credo," which is a solid 4-star effort, but for me, Romantic? is the high-water mark of The Human League's great career.

Review by Mogulmeister,

I'm a Human League fanatic. When this album was released in 1990, I was one of the first to own it. And one of the first to love it and play it over and over. Unlike it's predecessor "Crash", which sent the League on a musical departure to the left (due to the Terry Lewis/Jimmy Jam Production), "Romantic?" gets back to the Human League style and sound(s). Although at times, the album sounds a bit under produced, it's a keeper. My favorite tracks include: "A Doorway?", "Rebound", and "The Stars are Going Out". There is a CD single out there somewhere with an amazing remix of "Soundtrack to a Generation". If you should see it, buy it. It's worth getting, as is "Romantic?".

Review by Steve Juhase,


01. Kiss The Future (04:13)
02. A Doorway? (04:21)
03. Heart Like A Wheel (04:30)
04. Men Are Dreamers (03:54)
05. Mister Moon And Mister Sun (04:43)
06. Soundtrack To A Generation (04:36)
07. Rebound (03:57)
08. The Stars Are Going Out (04:05)
09. Let's Get Together Again (05:01)
10. Get It Right This Time (04:12)

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Human League / Romantic?

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