Giovanni Mirabassi & Andrzej Jagodzinski Trio (2002)

Giovanni Mirabassi & Andrzej Jagodzinski Trio (2002)
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Genre: Jazz | Label: StarProd

About Polish jazz, we can say it is in a favorable situation… particularly with pianist Andrzej Jagodzinski whose inspiration and energy make him a genuine and daring artist. The Cds of the « Chopin Cycle » turned out to be the best-sellers of Polish jazz. They represent a kind of visiting card representing the essential part of his work in this last decade. His constant cooperation with Czeslaw Bartkowski on the drums, and Adam Cegielski on the bass, has reached a state of perfection in jazz… But that does not mean Jagodzinski has rested on his laurels. On the contrary, he introduces himself unexpectedly in a new light: and this time he chooses the accordion (not at all appreciated in Polish jazz) with a jazz improvisation which strays from folk music and the traditional bucolic melodic line linked with the accordion.
Though crazy as it may seem, this idea is perfectly sustained, not only at the level of musical expression but mostly at the level of a certain common creation: the beautiful romantic interpretations, very much acclaimed in the jazz movement, meet in a real jazz ecstasy, Giovanni Mirabassi, the Italian pianist virtuoso, as expressive as he is creative and whose popularity is triumphing today in France. This very unusual instrumental alliance does not obey any common jazz sonority. The music flows, profound as well as catchy, sensitive and striking… Polish and Parisian at the same time, it contains Italian melodic elements, a touch of French romanticism and – surprisingly- a lightness a noble character already present in « Jazz Chopin » by Jagodzinski…
All this probably stems from Giovanni Mirabassi’s compositions, perfectly conceived and magnificently interpreted… and whose Italian melodic line seems childishly simple but its rhythmical structure is in fact extremely complex. The beauty of this smooth music reminds us of the importance of melody… and the peace it can bring us in this world so often disturbed by troubling noises. This unequaled musical sensibility by Jagodzinski and Mirabassi let us hope for a new encounter between the two artists. Mirabassi’s spontaneity brings a new energy in the trio Jagodzinski-Barthowski-Cegielski. A rare type of encounter between two musical worlds: the subtlety of the composer and the perfect interpretation of the musicians mix with penetrating enthusiasm and coherence.
Dionizy Piatkowski - Review from the Jazz Encyclopedia


1. Panta Rei
2. Des Jours Meilleurs
3. El Pueblo Unido Jamas Sera Vencido
4. La Petite Valse Brillante
5. Place de la Mairie
6. Frankfurt Serenade
7. You Don't Know What Love Is
8. Behind The White Door
9. Bobo's Theme
10. Requiem
11. La Valse a Nini


Giovanni Mirabassi - Piano
Andrzej Jagodzinski - Accordion
Adam Cegielski - Bass
Czesaw Bartkowski - Drums