Charles Aznavour - Aznavour Live: Palais Des Sports 2015 (2015)

Charles Aznavour - Aznavour Live: Palais Des Sports 2015 (2015)
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Label: Universal Music

Charles Aznavour has recently made a comeback on the Parisian scene: 6 Sports Palace sold out after a world tour that took him to the biggest cities in Europe, North America, Russia and of course Yerevan, Armenia.

Tireless, Aznavour has released a new album "Encores" during a "pause" after this memorable tour. Proving once again that the desire to sing has no age, he offered the public a new collection of songs, all performed by Marc Di Domenico.

It is therefore very natural that it is now at the helm of this live, both in the realization of its audio version of the film picked up at the Sports Palace in September.

Always with great honesty and emotion, Di Domenico restores the truth of Aznavour, artist both phenomenal and unfathomable, free and determined, detours of a selection of his greatest songs, his greatest victorie

1. Les Emigrants (Live) (3:55)
2. Paris Au Mois D’aout (Live) (3:27)
3. A Ma Femme (Live) (4:40)
4. Vous Et Tu (Live) (3:46)
5. Mourir D'aimer (Live) (3:27)
6. Je Voyage (Live) (4:22)
7. Sa Jeunesse (Live) (4:17)
8. Ils Sont Tombes (Live) (4:09)
9. Je Bois (Live) (3:21)
10. Avec Un Brin De Nostalgie (Live) (3:00)
11. Mes Emmerdes (Live) (3:09)
12. Il Faut Savoir (Live) (3:37)
13. Desormais (Live) (2:51)
14. Hier Encore (Live) (3:12)
15. Les Plaisirs Demodes (Live) (4:18)
16. Comme Ils Disent (Live) (4:27)
17. Les Deux Guitares (Live) (3:52)
18. La Boheme (Live) (4:09)
19. Je M'voyais Deja (Live) (4:34)
20. Emmenez-Moi (Live) (5:47)