Organic Picnic - Creatures (2015)

Organic Picnic - Creatures (2015)
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Genre: Jazz | Label: Gateway Music

Hammond organ has a group of jazz fans a very special place in their hearts. This is not least the many classic albums as Blue Note was behind in the 60s. All plates are not just good - but the bottom level is extremely high. There was a special aura around the plates, where even the graphic expression of the cover was wildly checked. Here it goes wrong for the Danish trio Organic Picnic with their publishing Creatures. The cover is a color photo of three men in casual blazers, standing around a Hammond organ. It is so neat and tidy that it could be used to sell the trio for concerts - which would have been fine if it was church jazz. But it is not. One is not aligned with the laid-back and intimate hammond jazz presented by a tight-playing trio.

Søren Bech sitting at Hammodorgelet, Jens Christian Kwella plays guitar and John Nehen-Hansen takes care of the drums. The trio shared the composer manager position. They pour the quiet numbers where sultriness, half-cold beers and a cigarette smokes itself on the edge of the ashtray is a good supplement. Jens Christian Kwella can twist a delicious classic jazz guitar that draw inspiration from for example, Grant Green and Wes Montgomery. Nehen-Hansen adds a good swing vibe at the drums. Bech is good to come wide around Hammondinstrumentets opportunities. Can be recommended for listeners who need to Hammond cosiness and warmth.


1. Host I Dalarna (6:11)
2. Make Up Your Mind (4:50)
3. Love Lizards In The Sand (5:38)
4. Tain What You Do (4:29)
5. Walz For Slesvigvej (4:57)
6. Chevak No. 5 (5:39)
7. Hardly (5:06)
8. Daphneville (2:59)
9. Peking Duck Blues (4:20)
10. Hemlandsvisa (4:23)
11. New Devil Moon (5:06)


Jens Christian Kwella (guitar)
Søren Bech (B3-org)
John Nehen-Hansen (drums)