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Topic - Miles (2015)

Ahilea - Jackpot (2014)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | Tracks: 14 | 52:21 min | 120 Mb
Style: Electronic, Pop, Dance | Label: Takeover Music

With his published in summer debut album 'MILES' takes the career based in Solingen producer Tobias 'TOPIC' Topic neat to ride. Made famous was the now 23-year old as a producer of large German YouTube stars, to their music releases he had been instrumental. In November in 2014 landed the first TOPIC production in the album charts (# 17). A few months later, in April 2015, there was enough for a fully produced by TOPIC hip hop album even for No. 2 in the official German album charts.
Between both projects dares TOPIC towards the end of 2014 an experiment in a new genre: In-house, he published his first House song 'LIGHT IT UP'. Promptly LIGHT IT UP become a YouTube hit, breaks the magic million mark and thus attracted the attention of large record companies. LIGHT IT UP sells digital today without significant promotional effort over 12,000 times. There are also around 600,000 streaming views alone at Spotify. In addition, the song lands on prominent compilations like 'THE DOME' and is included in the program of radio stations like BigFM or UnserDing. Inspired by the surprise success of LIGHT IT UP, TOPIC begin in spring 2015, with the work on a whole House album. Supported by singer Jona Selle from Dusseldorf he writes the lyrics a lot of the songs themselves. Some of them are initially formed in the domestic Solingen, others in sunny Gran Canaria. For the lyrical polish it then goes even across the pond to Miami, where he worked with the US-songwriter Peter Heise. The result of this collaboration is MILES. MILES released on July 31, 2015 via TAKEOVER MUSIC / ROUGH TRADE and has 14 play stations, where the international influence is clearly herauszuzuhГѓВ¶ren. Stylistically engages TOPIC obtained in various modern EDM cluster back and dispensed either on Tropical approaches, yet the genre typical progressive exploitation. Melodic vocals that draw from the repertoire of established genres like country or rhythm and blues, give the songs on the necessary MILES Popcharakter.


01. Light It Up (Feat. Jona Selle)
02. Real Stars (Feat. Marco Minella)
03. Miles (Feat. Krism)
04. Hold On (Feat. Jona Selle)
05. Up And Away (Feat. Marco Minella)
06. Find Love (Feat. Jona Selle & Kayef)
07. All This Time (Feat. Lili Pistorius)
08. Falling Apart
09. Hologram (Feat. Safi Nacef)
10. The Girl I Keep Around (Feat. Krism & BTHVN)
11. The Hike
12. Eternity
13. We Call That Life (Feat. Jona Selle)
14. Fly Away (Feat. Lili Pistorius)