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Stormheit - Kvenland (2009)

Stormheit - Kvenland (2009)
Finland | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 127 MB
Folk/Black Metal | Label : Totenkopf Propaganda/Darker than Black Records.

From the endless forests and thousand lakes of Finland comes the great Spirit of the Storm! STORMHEIT's 2nd full-lenght album "Kvenland" takes you to a journey to the great ancient Kvenland/Finland with it's mysterious tales of godlike heroes and higher value of magick and arts! Driven by the powerful force & racial instincts of the very soul of a finnish man, explored are also the mythology of the old finnish tribes, religion and Cult of the Eternal Blood & Immortal Spirit!Musically STORMHEIT is the forgotten son of Bathory's classic viking albums and the most epic songs of Mayhemic Truth & Morrigan! Through the anguished riffs & melodies with a touch of melancholy, majestic choirs, acoustic passages, great clean vocals and a production crystal clear, yet powerful and cruel! Still wandering in the path of it's own in the dark solitude of the woods of Kvenland!"

Tracklist :

1. The Rites of the Hunt
2. Memories Within Your Blood
3. Channelling the Spirit of the Storm
4. Snake and Thunder
5. The Rise of the Four Winds
6. Faravid's Tale
7. Kvenland
8. Rostiophus (Ancient King of Northern Lands)

Total playing time 47:16