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Remember White - Afterlife (2016)

Remember White - Afterlife (2016)
MP3 CBR 320kbps | Tracks: 24 | 110:17 min | 253 Mb
Style: New Age, Electronic | Label: Pleiades Press

Remember White is an electronic artist from Ireland. He grew up listening to Jarre and Tangerine Dream, then started making his own music with computers and some old Yamaha synths. Time passed and the music developed till we have the Remember White of today, releasing great song after great song.


01. Afterlife
02. The Apparition
03. Near Death Experience (Remastered)
04. The Moonlit Moog
05. Ancient Irish Chant (Remastered)
06. The Mystic
07. World War 13 (Remastered)
08. The Meditations of Malachi Martin (Remastered)
09. Children of the Universe
10. Rohan's Dream
11. Through a Glass, Darkly
12. The Death of Anya (Remastered)
13. Temple of the Stars
14. King of Kings
15. Cathedral
16. The Apparition (Extended Version)
17. Magic Theatre
18. Resurrection
19. Dune (Remastered)
20. The Birth of Osiris (Sacred Egypt)
21. The Hall of Maat (Sacred Egypt)
22. Elementalist Composition No. 1
23. Elementalist Composition No. 2
24. Remember White Christmas