La Mauvaise Reputation - Tours Eiffel en Plastique (2011)

La Mauvaise Reputation - Tours Eiffel en Plastique (2011)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 11 Tracks | 40:50 | 101,70 MB
Genre: Jazz, Vocal Jazz, Chanson | Label: La Mauvaise Reputation

French chanson trio, singing the songs of 1930s and 40s Paris in their original language, and playing in the style of Django Reinhardt and jazz manouche. Music from the greats - Piaf, Gainbourg, Ulmer, Montand and Trenet, and fiery gypsy melodies.

La Mauvaise Réputation - based in Melbourne, Australia - are the premier exponents of Hot Swing and Chanson in the region. They perform the songs of Piaf, Ulmer, Gainsbourg and the like, in the style of legendary gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt, and all sung in their original French.

Launched at Brisbane's Ozmanouche festival, their debut album "Tours Eiffel en Plastique" was recorded live in the studio in late 2011, and displays all of the energy of their public performances. Singer and rhythm guitarist Paul Gillet sings the songs of 1930s Paris like they were his own, offering timeless interpretations of tunes often scarred by time, but in his hands, rendered with something of their original flair. Solo guitarist Jon Delaney plays in a style heavily influenced not only by Reinhardt, but also by the great Tchavolo Schmitt, Fapy Lafertin, and other contemporary traditionalists. He plays energetically and authoritatively, full of fire and changing directions on a whim. Double bassist Enzo Ruberto holds down the beat immaculately throughout, and contributes several beautiful solos, especially in the ballads, where his melodicism really shines.

The title of the album, drawn from a fantastic waltz by contemporary chanson band "Les Ogres de Barback", refers to the little plastic Eiffel towers sold under the real thing. The band jokingly see themselves this way - three Australians playing French music so far away from Paris - surprising French tourists with stage banter in local accents after a rendition of La Foule.


1.- Menilmontant
2.- Padam Padam
3.- a Bicyclette
4.- La Javanaise
5.- C'est si bon
6.- Billets doux
7.- Rue de Panam
8.- Le Poinçonneur des Lilas
9.- Si tu savais
10.- Indifférence
11.- Seul ce soir