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Peter Ewers Symphonic Organ Samples KONTAKT

Peter Ewers Symphonic Organ Samples KONTAKT | 4.39 Gb

The choice fell on this organ because of its unbelievable power and sonority. Its volume is able to fill sovereignly the vast nave. Its impressive percussive quality in the development of sound is an ideal case for recording samples. The great organ by Pierre Schyven /Salomon van Bever (1874/1912) is a discovery. Being the second greatest instrument of its builder it stands in the tradition of the symphonic organ in Belgium. CavaillГ©-Coll held Schyven in high regard and even today one can hear why.


Home Page - http://www.vpe-web.de/AUDIO/CLARTE/Soundbibliotheken/SOS-2/sos-2.html

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