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Output Exhale KONTAKT

Output Exhale KONTAKT | 7.93 Gb

Exhale is a playable vocal engine built for every composer, producer and artist seeking that cutting-edge sound in today's most creative music. Output introduced a new take on the modern vocal sound with their new plug-in instrument Exhale. It is described as a playable engine for producers, artists and composers giving you the ability to create the cutting edge vocal sounds required in today's music.

The Exhale engine features three separate modes: Notes for chromatic playing, Loops for looping vocal elements, and Slices for sliced vocal phrases. The user can find and customize their sound on the Main page using 4 Macro sliders, or delve deeply into modulation, mixing and effects on the Engines page.

Output Exhale Key Features:
• 500 presets
• Real vocalists
• 3 Modes; Notes, Loops and Slices
• All Phrases, Loops and Slices lock to tempo
• 4 central Macro sliders unique to each Preset
• LFO and Step Sequencer modulation
• Complete effects control
• Convolution reverb engine
• Engine page for shaping sounds
• Smart tagging preset menu
• Simple design and ease of use