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Wide Open Tools - Analog Sequences Evolver Synth Loops (WAV) [repost]

Wide Open Tools - Analog Sequences Evolver Synth Loops (WAV) | 4.15 GB

After playing live for years and productions in the Studio we decided to develop a Sample Pack with our secret weapon The Dave Smith Evolver Synth.

This Sample Pack provides you with a new bandwidth of possibilities to intertwine and include different analog sequences of Bass, Lead, Percussive, Arpeggio, Chords, Glitch, Hypnotic,Techno sounds into your productions.

With these loops you will be enabled to adjust and fashion your productions even more individually with an additional charm of musical excellence.

All loops have production length and are modulated.

48 abstract, 20 arpeggio, 37 bass, 12 glitch, 49 chords, 24 hypnotic, 60 percussive, 36 techno loops

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