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Telling Beatzz - Classic Hip Hop Drums WAV

Telling Beatzz - Classic Hip Hop Drums | WAV | 86 MB

A collection of 145 processed, layered and non-layered one shot drum hits in 44.1khz / 24bit .Wav format.

The samples are primarily taken from breakbeats and processed through various legendary outboard emulations to guarantee instant usability and analog warmth, besides that the library also includes a large number of our own signature sounds. All samples are categorized, processed, still dry in terms of reverb and more than meticulous selected..


34 Bass Drums
36 Snares
23 Hi-Hats
18 Open Hi-Hats
10 Tambourines
06 Claps
05 Snaps
04 Crashes
03 Rides
Vinyl Fx