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Sound DUST Cloud Viola KONTAKT

Sound DUST Cloud Viola KONTAKT | 1.39 Gb

Cloud Viola is a deeply multisampled hybrid Kontakt instrument that takes a humble 17th century classical stringed instrument and lovingly cajoles it into joining the modern world. This isn't an attempt at any kind of authenticity (there are plenty of other Kontakt libraries out there for that already) Cloud Viola is all about creating new tones and textures which can work in a similar way to the original and go beyond.

Cloud Viola is perfect for adding interesting texture to a "proper" orchestra, using midi controllers and an expression pedal she can be played with organic expressiveness and genuine emotion. But unlike more conventional classical instruments she is completely at home with contemporary electronics and sound design elements.

She can easily go from delicate to feisty, sound like a haunted ballroom, a huge busted orchestra, a hundred rusty mandolins, a swarm of angry bees, a dusty Mellotron. The starting point is a viola clamped to a stand, all strings removed except one and tuned with a capo. The exciting thing happens when you ditch the conventional bow and look for something else to stimulate the strings. After much experimentation I discovered that a ball of course green garden string sounded "best", but stringing a standard bow with garden twine doesnt work, you'd need an impossible 10 metre bow to play a smooth note (I know it's impossible because I tried to make one !).