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The Producers Choice Piano Sessions Bundle WAV MIDI

The Producers Choice Piano Sessions Bundle WAV MIDI | 373 Mb

These brand new piano loops will give you the inspiration to start your next song…Build on them with some drums, synths and bass for a perfect beat - or use them as they are for beautiful royalty free music for Film / TV. Or you can even chop up the chords, and resample them if you want to get creative.

You get HQ 24bit WAV files, MIDI files for easy edits and all 100% royalty free. There are two versions of each loop - dry and with reverb. Played and recorded by classical pianist Sebastian G (classical soundtrack composer) This is the closest you can get to a real classical pianist playing in your music :)

This kit consists of chord progression loops that are also available as either wav. samples (dry), wav. samples (effect) or midi. The idea here is to give you "instant inspiration" to get started on a new track using one of these chord progressions as your base.

This collections focuses on original piano left hand movements. Sebastian says: "I created the Left Hand Movement Loops, because I still know how hard it was as a beginner to start playing some more interesting left hand movements. These patterns improve the originality of piano tracks drastically. These loops are therefore useful to either learn from the left hand patterns or it is also possible to use the midi and drag & drop them into projects to focus on the melody, etc."