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ArtScope 1.98.329

ArtScope 1.98.329 | 48.0 MB

ARTSCOPE application created HelpSoft. ArtScope - is the ideal toy for all ages and is designed for entertainment and relaxation. You yourself are the creator of magical images. Enjoy the process of creating and monitoring. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy a delicious, ever-changing kaleidoscope of decorative.

Treat your eyes bright and saturated colors, relaxing and enjoying the movement patterns and color combinations, slowly rotating in a fascinating dance of light. Add a musical score, and the effect will be stronger. Bring this little "piece of the sacrament" in your home as a way to get away from the worries for a while. Use your HD TV for maximum effect, and travel in this wonderful world of art.

-6 Saturated layers to create an image. 4 layers for animation.
2 and 3-animation layers, zoom image tiles, transparent tiles, layer rotation, rotation of image tiles. Ability to create a symmetric / non-symmetrical pattern.
Ability to turn on / off the odd sector. Smooth change of image, ie, a smooth transition from one image to another.
-Create A type of clock projects.
-Auto Update.
-Privychnye Combination of hot keys for editing and manipulation.
-Zapominanie Position and size on exit.
-Elegant And easy interface.

OS : Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Language : English

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