C.N. Grivas, "An English-Greek Dictionary of English Idioms (Junior)"


C.N. Grivas, "An English-Greek Dictionary of English Idioms (Junior)"
Publisher: M. Sideris | 2002 | ISBN: 9607012313 | English/Greek | PDF | 638 pages | 35.31 Mb

Idioms are the heart of the language which provide colour, charm and exactness mainly in our daily spoken English.

The aim of this unique English-Greek Dictionary is to provide the student of English with a strong coverage of the most up-to-date idiomatic phrases in use. The main feature of this book is the exhaustive research which has been done to provide the Greek student of English with the most appropriate translation and interpretation of each idiomatic expression. This approach gives the student more confidence in handling and understanding the English idiom than an ordinary all-English dictionary would.

Most of the idioms listed here are not given any particular labelling. The reason for this is that idioms, in general, have been developed to reflect mainly an informal /colloquial style of language.


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