The World Book Encyclopedia "H" Volume 9

The World Book Encyclopedia "H" Volume 9
Publisher: World Book | PDF | 1968 | 476 pages | ISBN: n/a | English | 80 MB

The World Book Encyclopedia is an encyclopedia published in the United States. It is self-described as the number-one selling print encyclopedia in the world. The encyclopedia is designed to cover major areas of knowledge uniformly, but it shows particular strength in scientific, technical, and medical subjects.

Parents, teachers, and librarians consistently rank The World Book Encyclopedia the best general reference source because of its easy-to-use format that students find so appealing.

World Book editors present information in a clear, direct style that makes each article readable. Articles start at a relatively basic level and advance in depth as they progress.

More than 28,000 rich photographs and illustrations are combined with award-winning text to produce the perfect encyclopedia for students and families. No wonder it has been a staple on home, library, and classroom shelves since the first edition in 1917.

Nothing can substitute the experience of turning the pages to go from Chicago to China, Jazz to Jefferson, Civil Rights to Civil War, and everything in between. The World Book Encyclopedia is a great reference set, and a source of pure pleasure reading, too. Family members will find themselves browsing through volumes on lazy afternoons. Youngsters and grown-ups alike will make discoveries and find new things to learn.

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