Encyclopedia of The Peoples of Africa and the Middle East (repost)

Jamie Stokes, Anthony Gorman, Andrew Newman, "Encyclopedia of The Peoples of Africa and the Middle East"
English | 2009 | ISBN: 0816071586 | 880 pages | PDF | 29 MB

"Encyclopedia of the Peoples of Africa and the Middle East" is a new two-volume A-to-Z reference to the history and culture of the peoples of Africa and the Middle East. This fascinating resource includes about 1,400 entries on the major peoples that have maintained a cultural identity in the area - from ancient to modern times - summarizing their history, migration, culture, belief system, social organization, and relationship to other peoples. Students will find entries on the Assyrians and the Asante, as well as entries on 'Iraqis: nationality' and 'Ghanaians: nationality', describing who they are today with cross-references to the various ancestral peoples.It includes: Armenians; Bantu; Berber; Dinka; Egyptians; Fulani; Greeks; Hittites; Iraqis: nationality; Jews; Khoikhoi; Kurds; Ottoman; Persians; Phoenicians; and, South Africans: nationality.


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