"Computational Fluid Dynamics Technologies and Applications" ed. by Igor V. Minin and Oleg V. Minin

"Computational Fluid Dynamics Technologies and Applications" ed. by Igor V. Minin and Oleg V. Minin
ITAe | 2011 | ISBN: 9789533071695 | 407 pages | PDF | 47 MB

This book objective is to provide a state-of-art reference book in the area of computational fluid dynamics for CFD engineers, scientists, applied physicists and post-graduate students. Also the aim of the book is the continuous and timely dissemination of new and innovative CFD research and developments. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the computational experiment technology, numerical simulation of the hydrodynamics and heat transfer processes in a two dimensional gas, application of lattice Boltzmann method in heat transfer and fluid flow, etc.

This reference book is a collection of 14 chapters characterized in 4 parts: modern principles of CFD, CFD in physics, industrial and in castle. Several interesting applications area are also discusses in the book like underwater vehicle propeller, the flow behavior in gas-cooled nuclear reactors, simulation odour dispersion around windbreaks and so on.

Part 1 Modern principles of CFD
1 Calculation Experiment Technology
2 Application of Lattice Boltzmann Method in Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
Part 2 CFD in physics
3 CFD Applications for Predicting Flow Behavior in Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors
4 CFD for Characterizing Standard and Single-use Stirred Cell Culture Bioreactors
5 Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for Simulation of Acid Mine Drainage Generation and Subsequent Pollutants Transportation through Groundwater Flow Systems and Rivers
6 Computational Flow Modelling of Multiphase Reacting Flow in Trickle-bed Reactors with Applications to the Catalytic Abatement of Liquid Pollutants
7 Simulating Odour Dispersion about Natural Windbreaks
Part 3 CFD in industrial
8 Simulation of Three Dimensional Flows in Industrial Components using CFD Techniques
9 Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Turbulent Flow
10 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Propeller Simulation using Computational Fluid Dynamic
Part 4 CFD in castle
11 Modelling and Simulation for Micro Injection Molding Process
12 Simulation of Liquid Flow Permeability for Dendritic Structures during Solidification Process
13 Numerical Modelling of Non-metallic Inclusion Separation in a Continuous Casting Tundish
14 Numerical Simulation of Influence of Changing a Dam Height on Liquid Steel Flow and Behaviour of Non-metallic Inclusions in the Tundish
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