"Adaptive Filtering: Theories and Applications" ed. by Lino Garcia Morales

"Adaptive Filtering: Theories and Applications" ed. by Lino Garcia Morales
ITAe | 2013 | ISBN: 9789535109983 | 162 pages | PDF | 9 MB

This book collects some theoretical approaches and practical applications in different areas that support expanding of adaptive systems.

Adaptive filtering can be used to characterize unknown systems in time-variant environments. The main objective of this approach is to meet a difficult comprise: maximum convergence speed with maximum accuracy.
Each application requires a certain approach which determines the filter structure, the cost function to minimize the estimation error, the adaptive algorithm, and other parameters; and each selection involves certain cost in computational terms, that in any case should consume less time than the time required by the application working in real-time.

1 Hirschman Optimal Transform Block LMS Adaptive Filter
2 On Using ADALINE Algorithm for Harmonic Estimation and Phase-Synchronization for the Grid-Connected Converters in Smart Grid Applications
3 Applications of a Combination of Two Adaptive Filters
4 Adaptive Analysis of Diastolic Murmurs for Coronary Artery Disease Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition
5 Performance of Adaptive Hybrid System in Two Scenarios: Echo Phone and Acoustic Noise Reduction
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