Finding Love Through Graphology

Manhardeep Singh, "Finding Love Through Graphology"
English | ASIN: B01BAMPDDA | 2016 | 58 pages | EPUB | 2 MB

Graphology, commonly known as “handwriting analysis” is the science of analyzing a person’s character and personality through handwriting. Finding Love Through Graphology aims at providing knowledge to the reader, (even to a person who has heard this term for the first time), to find the perfect love for himself or herself. The book will help you in:
• Understanding your personality
• Quickly finding the hell traits in partner’s handwriting
• Knowing what makes relationship work
• Filtering out unsuitable partners
• Improving one’s personality through grapho-therapy
Finding Love Through Graphology is no lover’s guide but a guide to finding the perfect love.


In my personal experience, I have seen many people cry when I analyze their handwriting. I have seen various emotions of the people – excitement, astonishment, surprise, wonder and amazement. You too can easily come to know about a person’s personality just from their handwriting and this book will help you achieve that.
I had a childhood friend whom I knew for more than 10 years. I always thought I knew everything about her – her personality and behaviour. But one day, just out of curiosity I asked her to mail me a sample of her handwriting.
She did as I instructed. I saw her handwriting and told only one thing, “Well, you never share any of your emotions and feelings with anyone”. Hearing this, she burst into tears.
Handwriting analysis is not a hit and miss system, it is a proven method. I have been proved wrong many times while performing against my own analysis thinking that ‘this person might not be wrong’, ‘my analysis may be wrong’ etc., but the analysis always proved to be right and my presumption wrong.

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