"Electrophoresis" ed. by Kiumars Ghowsi

"Electrophoresis" ed. by Kiumars Ghowsi
ITAe | 2012 | ISBN: 9789535108467 | 244 pages | PDF | 8 MB

This book contains few fundamentals on capillary electrophoresis and diverse application of electrophoresis in general. This collection will entertain the readers who are interested in fundamental as well as applications of electrophoresis in general.

Electrophoresis is defined as the transport of electrically charged particles in a direct current electric field. Electrophoretic separation is based on differential rates of migration in the bulk of the liquid phase and is not concerned with reactions occurring at the electrodes. In the early days, electrophoresis was carried out either in free solution or in the supporting media such as paper, cellulose acetate, starch, agarose, and polyacry lamide gel.
In between 1950 to 1970, an enumeration of techniques and instrumentation for Electrophoresis were developed.

1 New Looks at Capillary Zone Electrophoresis (CZE) and Micellar Electrokinetic Capillary Chromatography (MECC) and Optimization of MECC
2 Method Development by Use of Capillary Electrophoresis and Applications in Pharmaceutical. Biological and Natural Samples
3 Numerical Modelling of Light Propagation for Development of Capillary Electrophoretic and Photochemical Detection Systems
4 Protein Electrophoresis in Saliva Study
5 Electrophoresis of Myocardial Cells
6 Isozymes: Application for Population Genetics
7 Electrophoresis as a Useful Tool in Studying the Quality of Meat Products
8 Application of the Different Electrophoresis Techniques to the Detection and Identification of Lactic Acid Bacteria in Wines
9 Isoenzyme Analyses Tools Used Long Time in Forest Science
10 Seminal Plasma Proteins as Potential Markers of Relative Fertility in Zebu Bulls (Bos taurus indicus)
11 Identification of Polymorphism in the Keratin Genes (KAP3.2, KAP6.1, KAP7. KAP8) and Microsatellite BfMS in Merino Sheep Using Polymerase Chain Reaction-Single Strand Conformational Polymorphism (PCR-SSCP) Analysis
12 Temporal Expression of Isozymes, Alozymes and Metabolic Markers at the Early Ontogeny of Prochilodus argenteus (Characidae - Prochilodontidae) from Sao Francisco Basin, Tres Marias, Minas Gerais, Brazil
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