The Geography of the World Economy, 6 edition (repost)

The Geography of the World Economy, 6 edition by Paul Knox, John A Agnew and Linda Mccarthy
English | 2014 | ISBN: 0415831288 , 1444184709 | 496 pages | PDF | 15,6 MB

The Geography of the World Economy provides an in-depth and stimulating introduction to the globalization of the world economy. The book offers a consideration of local, regional, national and global economic development over the long historical term.

The theory and practice of economic and political geography provide a basis for understanding the interactions within and among the developed and developing countries of the world. Illustrated in color throughout, this new edition has been completely reworked and updated to take account of recent significant changes in the world economy.

A new companion website also accompanies the book, with additional resources for each chapter including multiple choice and short essay questions and links to relevant websites. Figures and tables are also available for download located at

The text is signposted throughout with an glossary of key terms, and is richly illustrated with full-color maps, diagrams and illustrations. It is ideal for upper level university undergraduates and for post-graduates in a variety of specializations including geography, economics, political science, international relations and global studies.

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