Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene - Let's Do This Thing (2015)

Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene - Let's Do This Thing (2015)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 13 Tracks | 44:57 | 105 MB
Genre: Blues, Jump Blues, Blues Rock | Label: Wipe It Off Records

At a night spot, the record changer in the living room, the radio station, on a portable phonograph at the beach – wherever popular recordings are played – you’ll find Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene. Anywhere the audience appreciates a lusty, swingin’ approach this group of musicians will be there to deliver it in spades. With their new album, aptly titled “Let’s Do This Thing,” they have stripped away the sham of trivial gimmickry and given a salute to the music of the day. With its uplifts and down-drafted recollections, this album is immaculately conceived and expertly executed. One cannot fully appreciate the music, however, without understanding the musicians behind it, for the magic in this band is in the sum of its parts.
The story begins with the beguiling Kerry Pastine, leader, neigh, mistress of this group. To say that Kerry is “really something” is more than a wolf-whistle observation. Her voice gently scratches your back, filling you with erotic imaginings. She saunters across the stage with a wink in her walk. Few artists are capable of hypnotizing a sophisticated night club audience. The chatter of table companions and the clinking of glasses are inevitable in such a venue. Kerry Pastine is one of those singers that cuts through that fidgeting like a knife and plunges straight through the heart of every listener. Kerry is so... very.
Solidly backing Kerry with verve and authority is her band, The Crime Scene. This group of musicians blend their collective talents to rally behind their leader and proceed with the task of rendering the room spellbound. On guitar we have Pauly Six, so named because he eats exactly six green grapes before every show, believing that it keeps his joints nimble. Having seen him perform, I believe it! What strikes one most about Pauly, however, is that he’s so damned decent, you know? He’s happy and carefree and swinging like mad! It’s not all fun and games, mind you. Pauly is well-endowed academically and intuitively. His melodies range from the eerie to the swinging riff. Pauly Six indeed!
Next up we have Lance Romance on bass. As you’ll recall, Lance started the legendary Fondis Bow Fiddle Bowling League, but he is much more than just a wicked curve ball. His unique sound is indescribable, but an attempt must be made. He draws from his unwieldy instrument an amazing variety of sounds. The "gravitas" of the bass brings forth an infinite variety of sonic beauty even from the harshest of tones. He makes it sound like yesterday and today! Not to mention the man has wrists of tempered steel. Pure Romance.
Finally, the drummer, Mad Dog. The name evokes a rabid, canine ferocity which belies the tender soul beneath. Why, he’s as gentle as his beloved pet rabbit, Commander Bun-Bun. But place him behind his spartan set of drums and he becomes an unchained dog – a MAD dog if you will. He’s no exhibitionist virtuoso trying to out-frantic other drummers. Oh no. He has startling exactitude. The very definition of "solid." All in all, he’s a delightfully swinging drummer that YOU will go mad for on every listen! Mad Dog madness!


1. Get While the Gettin's Good
2. Follow Me
3. Cold Stare Hot Touch
4. Acapulco Bay
5. Breathless
6. Let's Do This Thing
7. Too Late to Die Young
8. Test the Fire
9. Play the Rush
10. Motor Vixen from Hell
11. Set My Heart Free
12. Liar Cheater Dead
13. Steppin' Out


Kerry Pastine: Vocals
Pauly "Six" Shellooe: Guitar
Lance "Romance" Bakemeyer: Bass
Mike "Mad Dog" Minnick: Drums
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