Database Oasis 3.1.22

Database Oasis 3.1.22 | 32 Mb

Database Oasis lets you create completely custom data displays to store and view your data. In addition to the displays that you create, a number of design templates are available that can be imported into your software. Once you’ve imported a design template, you can customize it to fit your needs.

Download and import templates into Database Oasis

Get started fast with predefined database templates

Customize templates to suit your needs - you have completed control

Get ideas when creating your own, unique databases

Feature List

Database Oasis Basic Edition and Professional Edition both offer:

Fully customized data displays with complete control over the layout

Many display design templates for home and business available at no additional charge, or create your own designs from scratch.

Point and click interface with no coding required

Customizable appearance of your displays with background pictures and colors

Add customizable text fields, numeric fields, list fields, date fields, calculated fields, check boxes, auto incrementing fields, note fields, and picture holders to your displays

Control the font of all fields

Copy and share display design with other users

Work with multiple data displays simultaneously

View data as a single record or in a list

Quickly find records by searching any of your fields

Filter and sort your data

Export data to any delimited file format

Import data from any delimited file format and Excel spreadsheets

Print to many popular file formats, including PDF and HTML for posting to web sites

Automatically attach printouts to e-mails

Link files to records and launch the associated application from within Database Oasis

Data Backup

Context sensitive help from any screen

Printable user manual

Store up to 4 TB of data (4000 GB)

The following features are also available exclusively in Professional Edition:

Relational Database

Multiple user support with customizable security levels and password protection

Custom Report Designer

Report wizard for quick layout of standard reports and labels

Multi-line filter builder

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