ProjectSAM Symphobia 3 Lumina KONTAKT [RE-UP]

ProjectSAM Symphobia 3 Lumina KONTAKT | 36.1 Gb

ProjectSAM Lumina is a hauntingly beautiful orchestral sample library geared toward fantasy, mystery, and animation scoring. If your gig is creating instant mood for film, TV, or video games, Lumina is an essential kit. From full orchestra and choir to chamber ensembles to solo instruments, Lumina is flawlessly recorded, making it easy to mix and match close and distance mics to nail the perfect texture. Ornamentations and articulations are intuitively mapped to velocity, mod wheel, and keyboard zones, letting you concentrate on your performance. Got a moody project to score? ProjectSAM Lumina is ready to rock.

Fantasy, mystery, and animation, oh my!
ProjectSAM Lumina stocks your arsenal with gorgeous, mood-setting sounds, including full orchestra, choir, and chamber ensembles. It also includes a wide variety of guest instruments. Lumina takes you deep into the world of fantasy, mystery, and animation; it'll be sure to juice your musical palette with a staggering degree of depth and delicacy.

Ensemble recording, perfected
ProjectSAM is renowned for its ensemble-recording mojo and Lumina ups the ante with even finer arrangements. They've captured the glorious warmth and beauty of orchestra plus choir in stunning-sounding, eminently playable ensembles. What's more, Lumina boasts superbly orchestrated textures that cover the full spectrum of fantasy and mystery. Polished to perfection with a grand piano, a harp, and percussion, these recordings are nothing short of luminous.

Solo/Guest instruments, a cartoon vibe, and Dystopia
Both Lumina's solo and guest instruments give you everything from legato woodwinds such as the oboe and clarinet to impeccably-sampled celtic harp, tin whistle, and even a full bell tower. Lumina also dips into the playful world of cartoons with dedicated ensembles and phrases, for sly tiptoeing and tongue-in-cheek suspense. ProjectSAM's famous Dystopia section is onboard as well, with refined sound design based on Lumina's samples.

ProjectSAM Lumina Features:
• A sensational library geared towards fantasy, mystery, and animation
• Designed for film, TV & video game scoring
• Inspiring "Stories" combo instruments
• Ensemble recordings (featuring full orchestra and choir)
• Chamber ensembles (including solo strings and soprano choir)
• Legato instruments (including soprano voice)
• Guest instruments (including celtic harp and double bass)
• Genuine concert hall recordings
• Real-time mixing of direct, ambient, and wide mics
• Split sections for selected textures

Kontakt 5.1.0 or higher required.


lumi.part01.rar 074807D3
lumi.part02.rar D3058065
lumi.part03.rar 580F2534
lumi.part04.rar ADC4B10B
lumi.part05.rar 8D8D38CA
lumi.part06.rar C94A6415
lumi.part07.rar 24498884
lumi.part08.rar 1636A7AB
lumi.part09.rar 1B658DA5
lumi.part10.rar 92874A39
lumi.part11.rar B876325D
lumi.part12.rar F36C4ACF
lumi.part13.rar 811D9986
lumi.part14.rar DEAA2386
lumi.part15.rar C63FA69B
lumi.part16.rar 8914440E
lumi.part17.rar 8E619AA3
lumi.part18.rar E9A5A04F
lumi.part19.rar 1EA7C3CA
lumi.part20.rar 9555E2BA
lumi.part21.rar 1C310EB4
lumi.part22.rar 27EA94E5
lumi.part23.rar 35CF52F6
lumi.part24.rar 4E4D7EB9
lumi.part25.rar DE143165
lumi.part26.rar B035A64C
lumi.part27.rar B95FDB88
lumi.part28.rar 70EEE21E
lumi.part29.rar 26FB89BA
lumi.part30.rar 1B773B3C
lumi.part31.rar A3BBFCED
lumi.part32.rar BADE9D89
lumi.part33.rar E18942EB
lumi.part34.rar 873BCA7E
lumi.part35.rar 468F196C
lumi.part36.rar 07400337
lumi.part37.rar ACFC5678
lumi.part38.rar AB2F05BC
lumi.part39.rar C9A7FDFA
lumi.part40.rar 626140C2



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