ModeAudio - Ignition FX Drum Samples WAV

ModeAudio - Ignition FX Drum Samples | WAV | 8 MB

Colourful pulses of light emerge from the distance, dancing and flickering in the darkness…a steady beat forms as the flashes converge into a psychedelic flow of intense technicolour - welcome to the strange, explosive sonic world of Ignition - FX Drum Samples and it's like nothing you've ever heard before!

Vibrating with 320 Drum and Percussion Samples that blend tonal, spectral and synthetic flavours with classic, punchy and powerful drum machine samples, if you like your drum sounds more than a little off the beaten track then this is the collection for you!

From straight-up snap and crunch to samples that lift the lid on the melodic intricacies hidden just below the surface of every drum sound, we've strapped on the lab goggles and smashed, torched and fused together drums, SFX, found material, synth textures and more to bring you a library of truly distinctive beat-making material.

Organised into folders spanning Kicks, Snares, Hi Hats, Claps, Percussion, Shakers and Crash samples, flicking through the content will unveil sounds that are at once instantly recognisable and yet completely weird and wonderful. In short, this pack is designed to take your drum sound to brave new worlds, packed with fizz, boom and bang!

Alongside the WAV samples themselves we've included 12 DAW-ready Drum Kit Sample Patches crafted to get your beat-building off the ground at super-speed. The icing on the cake comes in the form of 5 Channel Strip Settings, providing instant professional processing options from full-tilt compression to whacky panning and beyond.

From dark, smoky Trip Hop and R&B to mesmerising, organic Techno and House, these samples move beyond the traditional territory of drums into a place somewhere between pitched and unpitched, and will unlock new possibilities in your chosen genre or style.

Explode your productions into whole new arenas of drum & SFX euphoria - download Ignition - FX Drum Samples and light the fuse now!

Pack Contents

80 Kick Samples
56 Snare Samples
70 Hi Hat Samples (Open & Closed)
40 Clap Samples
20 Shaker Samples
20 Percussion Samples
16 Snare Rim Samples
10 Crash Cymbal Samples
8 Tom Samples
12 Drum Kit Sampler Patches
5 Channel Strip Settings (Drum Processing)



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